Doubling Our Business

August 11, 2014 | by Mike Conlon

My firm, Affordable Communities Group (ACG), started 2014 with a value of about $40 million with 24 mobile home parks.  I had no no real goals in expanding for this year, but just wanted to take advantage of good deals if they came along.  I was not going to stretch into deals just to get […]

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Baa Baa…Why Most People are Like Sheep

July 14, 2014 | by Mike Conlon

I am constantly amazed how many people are afraid to make a simple decision much less a calculated risk.  A small example was when I was at an airport parking garage recently waiting for a shuttle bus to the terminal with about 100 other people.  I was in the back of the line.  A bus […]

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It’s a Branded World

June 25, 2014 | by Mike Conlon

I had the great pleasure this week of meeting Ivanka Trump at an Economic Summit up in NYC last week.  She was the headliner speaker and I was one of a few other speakers.  She is the epitome of BRAND.  She represents the Trump Organization with class and smarts and is very knowledgeable about their […]

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Why Do Investors Fight Over Nickels?

June 15, 2014 | by Mike Conlon

I have been investing in real estate full-time for the last 12 years and did several bigger business deals prior to that, so I think I have a decent amount of experience in the business world.  What continues to amaze me is how some investors/businessmen will put the screws to another person or  investor over […]

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Why I Am Leery of Anyone Wearing A Business Suit

June 2, 2014 | by Mike Conlon

I haven’t worn a business suit in almost 15 years.  On most days, I wear shorts and a T-shirt.  Occasionally I will wear nice jeans with a button down polo and maybe even a…(gasp) sport coat.  But a business suit – forget it.  I think people in business suits look like prisoners – forced to […]

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Affordable Housing Is the Best Investment Available Today

May 27, 2014 | by Mike Conlon

I have been busy buying affordable housing investments over the last 24 months as I think its the best investment opportunity available today.  I have bought 27 mobile home communities with approximately 3,000 spaces in six different states plus over 20 single-family houses here in the Raleigh, NC area.  I am paying my investors 10-12% […]

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The Income Gap Gets Wider

April 15, 2013 | by Mike Conlon

The income gap between the top 20% of Americans and the bottom 80% continues to widen in 2013.  The Fed’s relentless printing of easy money has greatly benefitted the top 20% of Americans by artificially inflating stocks and other collectibles (art, old baseball cards,old stamps, etc) and crushed everyone else, especially savers.   Here are […]

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What Does The Job Market Look Like?

January 2, 2013 | by Mike Conlon

An excerpt from, “Unconventional Wealth – The New Main $treet Millionaires” by Mike Conlon From Chapter 1, “It’s Ugly Out There”, or “The Job Market is Still on Life Support…” The job market has improved in late 2011 and in early 2012, but it’s still far from healthy. The government published a jobless rate of 8.2% […]

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What Does Working Poor Mean To Us?

December 12, 2012 | by Mike Conlon

An excerpt from, “Unconventional Wealth – The New Main $treet Millionaires” by Mike Conlon From Chapter 1, “It’s Ugly Out There”, or “United States of Guatemala” … I strongly believe that the Main Street of tomorrow in the United States is going to be almost entirely low-end. Why? Because the gap between the rich and […]

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Losing Out on the Bidding

November 15, 2012 | by Mike Conlon

Unconventional Wealth Blog Nov. 15th, 2012   My Real Estate Journey:  I just lost out on a bid for a decent 125-space mobile home park near Charlotte. I had done my analysis and felt like $2.25 million was my best price.  I bumped my price up to $2.35 million, but the winning bidder was $2.45 […]

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Unconventional Wealth

October 30, 2012 | by Mike Conlon

My Real Estate Journey: I just closed on two mobile home parks in the Cincinnati area. My strategy is to get 400-500+ units/spaces in or near a large metro area. Cinci is an easy 1-hour flight from Raleigh. The first park is 306 spaces with only 57 residents and 24 empty homes. Most investors would […]

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Signs of Recovery In Real Estate Give a Lift to Funds

August 23, 2012 | by Mike Conlon

THERE was much for investors to worry about in the second quarter, but at least real estate was far down the list. Several reports hinted at a recovery in this long-suffering category, and that helped real estate investment trusts — portfolios of various types of property, and traded on stock exchanges — to outperform, along […]

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Buy a Franchise? OMG, No!

February 15, 2012 | by Mike Conlon

Think buying a franchise is the answer? Let me show you how a Main Street Millionaire buys a profitable business.

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Jr needs to go to Camp Millionaire

January 30, 2012 | by Mike Conlon

Having a solid understanding of personal finance and entrepreneurship at a young age is essential to becoming a Main Street Millionaire, yet a vast majority of high schools and colleges don’t require any study of the topic. What is the new trend for elite athletes, musicians, dancers, actors, etc? Start early and focus on one […]

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Corporate America is a huge buzzkill

January 1, 2012 | by Mike Conlon

A so-called permanent corporate job is really a temporary job disguised with benefits. So you need to ask yourself the big question:  is there really more risk today in owning your own business than being a stooge in corporate America? I say NO – the risk is the same now! Furthermore, corporate America is going […]

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About the M$M

| by Mike Conlon

My name is Mike Conlon and I’m a Main Street Millionaire. I made a lot of mistakes earning my first million – from trying to fit into the corporate world to taking a big $$ hit because I didn’t understand taxes. I’m here to help you avoid the mistakes I made and get you on […]

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End of List

The following video is an interesting look at the growing disparity in the distribution of the wealth in America: